A single world

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Through difficult times we swim, keeping our heads above the tides and struggling to solve the bumps of life. Each of us is not alone now to face them. Our worlds developed into one, and no matter what we know there’s a place to come back – each other’s arms.


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I got 15 min left to mark this day in this near-forgotten blog 🙂 Eh… thankfully only the blog is, not the ingredients and participants of it.

Yeah, you already wrote so much that you left me here standing not knowing what I can add (yeah I know, I could have written earlier too 😛 )

Gosh.. one year already? I didn’t noticed it going by. I did realized it went by quickly somedays… but I always thought it was your fault… eh, maybe it wasn’t afterall *smirks*

Do you remember when we kept reciting at our monthversaries our monthversaries dates? 5 months since we went steady, 4 since we made it official, 2 since we met for the first time, 1 since… eheheh… We no longer do that now !! Hell no… it would be too many dates to remember, to many stories to tell, too many moments to relive… and, let’s face it, we’re too busy making more dates, stories, moments and much more everytime we’re together just to be feeding of the past (though it is nice to know and remember what we’ve gone through though). One whole year…

And here we are. I never thought we’d make it so far honestly… I had hoped, but I didn’t thought it would last, not when every time we started to drift apart it was so cruel and definitive. So painful and so pointless…  It all started to, … innocently, so simply, almost naive. Just chatting one day, then a few days later, then everyday, then everyhour… we were friends quickly who needed to know everything ’bout the other.

We were ‘playing’ with each other and the emotions were brewing inside us. You realized them much much earlier then me, I got there in my own time… with a few hints here and there (lol). It never was forced though… all seemed to flow, like pieces of a puzzle that could only belong there. Days off that clinged together, unexpected encounters, days lost together and the stories added up, each day a new chapter…

has it been an year already?

Well, it wasn’t enough!

One year later

•January 27, 2010 • 2 Comments

This blog has been a bit abandonned for months. We both know it. If someone out there wonders what may have happened to us, I felt like saying we are alive and kicking. In fact, we celebrate today our first kiss out of the virtual world. One year later, we are still in love. More ? I don’t really know if love is measurable in terms of “less” or “more”.

What I know is that I love him in a different way. A more complete way, I think, for today I know him better than a year ago… much better than almost two years ago when our paths first converge to each other in this wonderful other world that some call “virtual”.

These days, me and him we meet in many different ways. Even though we are together in flesh and blood,we still enjoy every chance of communication through any means that we have at hand. Tomorrow, I will be flying abroad for a business meeting and it hurts already knowing that five long days will have to go by until we see each other again.

But then… I remember that he will be in my mail inbox, in my chatbox, his voice in my mobile phone as well as his messages. I long for the evening to come so I can read his comments in my Facebook stream or his appreciation of my pictures in Flickr. And at the end of the day, who knows…maybe we set up another date in-world and dance in the place we chose to settle down and call our Second Home.

PS – I told you many things today, babe and we recalled plenty of what happened during this whole year, which was at the same time the shortest of my life and the most fulfilling period at emotional level. I only have to add that my only hope is that we can go on insuflating life (lives?) into each other as we have done during these last 365 days.

Because I love you with all my heart, body, soul and mind.
Forever yours,


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Common stories have a beginning, then a climax and soon an end.

Our story, I do hope… is a never-ending one. A path that we choose each and every day to walk together, embraced as one, that will go on beyond the land, the sea… and beyond time.

Running On Faith

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First an hour,
then two…
then four or ten
and it doesn’t matter.
Still not enough.

So you run,
Not enough
and you keep running.

A full week.
Perhaps two?
I wonder…
Not enough.

What time is this that keeps on sipping away unnoticed?

And we keep our hopes high,
though contained.
We look in our eyes and sigh,
running on a faith that knows no name:
dreaming of time.

Just more time…
just a little more…
just this moment more…
just this one…
with you…

Running On Faith

Lately Ive been running on faith
What else can a poor boy do?
But my world will be right
When love comes over you

Lately Ive been talking in my sleep
I cant imagine what Id have to say
Except my world will be right
When love comes back your way

Ive always been
One to take each and every day
Seems like by now
Id find a love who cares just for me

Then wed go running on faith
All of our dreams would come true
And our world will be right
When love comes over me and you

Ive always been
One to take each and every day
Seems like by now
Id find a love who cares just for me

Then wed go running on faith
All of our dreams would come true
And our world will be right
When love comes over me and you
When love comes over you

This is the beginning

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… of another much expected week-off.


Destination: Heaven 😀


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26 July 09 - Our First Anniversary

We hide a bit, a reveal a lot… bit by bit
We make each other happy as one can be… and sometimes we also make each other feel miserable
We draw plans… knowing that probably they will turn to dust
We lie together, looking deep in each other’s eyes and trying to read what lays behind the words we do not say

And when the night falls, and the dark embraces us, we know it is time to leave and set us apart… and we both suffer because of that

Yet we know… that we will always have tomorrow